The way of the samurai comes alive again in Aizu

The true pleasure of visiting Aizu Wakamatsu is being able to get to know the city through all five senses. Eat, see, touch, listen, and experience the full measure of Aizu’s history and culture, its time-honored customs, traditional crafts, and local cuisines.

The city offers a diverse range of hands-on activities. Local shops, studios, and other places are happy to offer you opportunities to try your hand at some of the activities involved in our traditional industries and folk crafts, as well as samurai activities and even harvesting crops. Why not include hands-on activities as part of your itinerary when sightseeing Aizu Wakamatsu?

  1. Tsuruga-jo Castle

    Tsurugajo castle, the city's main tourist landmark, made its comeback with the newly red-tiled tower *The Aizu-Wakamatsu foreign language volunteer guide   The Aizu-Wakamatsu foreign language more

  2. Aizu Clan School Nisshinkan

    One of the best clan schools in Japan that produced many elite more

  3. Aizu Samurai Residences

    The residential complex of a top-ranking Aizu retainer, and other Important Cultural Assets of more

  4. Banshou - Papier-mâché and craft activities

    Akabeko (a red cow) craft center! Enjoy painting your own Akabeko in our workshop! more

  5. Aizu Makie Makie Experience

    Lacquerware Fukubun Lacquerware, made to more

  6. Saito Craft Studio

    Experience painting Aizu good luck charms: Kokeshi and more

  7. Aizuwakamatsu Green Tourism Club

    Enjoy experiencing nature and meeting more

  8. Fruitland Kita-Aizu

    In the abundant nature here, you can enjoy gathering from our fruit hunt and experience agriculture! more

  9. Hoshiban E-rousoku (painted candles) Shop

    Enjoy painting candles at a long-established Aizu Clan more

  10. handmade Aizu Soba

    In Byakko, on the famous Imoriyama street is Kiriya more

  11. Eki Café

    Antenna Shop (for the 17 municipalities) located inside the JR Nanuka-machi more

  12. Jiyuan

    Create things such as nameplates, inscriptions, signatures. There is also a hands-on class more

  13. The brewlry

    Suehiro Kaeikura The brewlry prepares delicous natural water from the earth and more

  14. Folk Art Building Matsuyoshi

    Matsuyoshi- A shop where you can meet with the more

  15. Aizu Matsumoto Touzai Kan

    Aizu Matsumoto displays and sells Aizu paulownia chest of drawers which is a traditional industrial craft, British furniture and small more

  16. Tsurugajo Kaikan (the Castle Tourism Hall)

    A place to relax near the castle. Please enjoy a variety of Aizu products, the craft corner, and the different flavors of all four seasons! more

  17. Hands-on Workshops

    A number of workshops available in Aizu-Wakamatsu offer opportunities to learn about the region’s traditional crafts and make one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Here are just three of the hands-on more

  18. Festivals in Aizu-Wakamatsu

    Each region of Japan has its own unique and colorful festivals, often based on local culture and traditions. Anyone visiting Aizu-Wakamatsu during one of its annual festivals should not miss the more

  19. Snow Wonderland Aizu ~Start of a new AIZU~

    With Tsuruga Castle, the symbol of Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, as the main venue, we provide tours that include tours of the "Snow Festival/Winter Festival" held in various parts of more

  20. If all goes well, you could meet a Geigi! "The Higashiyama Geigi Caravan!"

    The Geigi(Geisha) from Higashiyama will be visiting various restaurants in central Aizuwakamatsu. It’s not every day you get to meet up with these talented and beautiful artists! You’ll be able more