Tsurugajo Kaikan (the Castle Tourism Hall)

A place to relax near the castle. Please enjoy a variety of Aizu products, the craft corner, and the different flavors of all four seasons!

Located near the Tsuruga-jo north entrance is a restaurant where you can enjoy a popular meal made with seasonal ingredients. We recommend the local cuisine, wappa-meshi, or our sauce-katsudon. Enjoy Kitakata ramen at Suzaku-tei, or try the restaurant Racines, for French cuisine made with seasonal ingredients; feel free to try out both. In our Michinoku specialties store, you can purchase specialty Aizu souvenirs, including Aizu laquerware, hongo pottery, Aizu sweets, sake, and crafts. Our handmade gelato is also quite popular. Also try our craft corner (you can paint akabeko (A legendary red cow from Aizu), zodiac figures, and more). Please visit, we will be waiting for you.

【TEL】0242-28-2288 【Business hours】8:30-17:00(April to November)/8:30-16:00(December to March)

【Regular holiday】Open throughout the year 【Fee】Craft Corner Crafts and PricesAk 

【Access】Bus: Take the Aizuwakamatsu Town Bus (Haikara-san/ Akabe) to Tsurugajo-kitaguchi
Car: About 15 minutes from the Ban-etsu Highway, Aizuwakamatsu IC

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