Snow Wonderland Aizu ~Start of a new AIZU~

With Tsuruga Castle, the symbol of Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, as the main venue, we provide tours that include tours of the "Snow Festival/Winter Festival" held in various parts of the Aizu region, as well as sightseeing in the city. This is a winter festival where you can enjoy the snow in the Aizu region.
This is the first full-fledged inbound event held in Motoichi. In this event, Tsuruga Castle will be specially opened at night, and you can also experience a special tea ceremony at the tea room "Rinkaku". In addition, the Tsurugajo Castle Honmaru area is divided into several zones, where you can enjoy special experiences that you cannot normally experience, such as enjoying sake and local cuisine with the geisha of Aizu-Higashiyama.

[Event main venue: Tsurugajo Honmaru area]
■ Tsurugajo Snow Wonderland   <Special Experience 1>   – Time :  17:30~20:30 –
・Night-time climbing of Tsuruga Castle
Tsuruga Castle, which is normally closed at night, can be specially opened and climbed.
・Time slip to the Aizu Juraku area
After 400 years, the free market “Juraku” has appeared. You can experience the unique food and craft culture that blossomed in Aizu.
・The Honmaru area is a world of light
A gorgeous sight awaits you with snow and light illumination, centering on the Tsurugajo Honmaru area.
・Aizu gourmet area
Aizu gourmet food stalls such as sauce katsudon, curry yakisoba, potato soup, ramen, etc. and food trucks will be opened.
■Tsuruga Castle Special Night   <Special Experience 2>   – Time : 17:30~20:30 –
・Aizu gourmet, sake and geisha experience
・Tsuruga Castle Night Climb (with guide) or Tea Ceremony Experience
Set up a transparent dome tent in an area that is normally off-limits. Enjoy Aizu’s gourmet food (live kitchen) and Japanese sake while watching the illuminated Tsurugajo in a warm tent, and experience the traditional entertainment of Higashiyama Onsen geisha while playing in a tatami room. In addition, it is a special plan that you can not normally experience, such as a tea ceremony wearing a kimono at the tea room “Rinkaku” where entry is normally prohibited, or a night climbing at Tsuruga Castle with an interpreter (optional).
■ Aizu Painted Candle Festival   - Dates : February 9 (Friday) and 10 (Saturday) –
“Aizu picture candle” is one of the traditional crafts of Aizu. Seasonal flowers such as chrysanthemums, peonies, and wisteria are vividly painted on each candle, and the Aizu painted candles, which give a sense of craftsmanship, are a winter tradition that beautifully illuminates Tsuruga Castle at night. Over the course of two days, the “Aizu Illusion”, illuminated by candlelight and floating in the snowy landscape, unfolds.

[Snow Festival/Winter Festival]
■Snow Festival Guided Tour
・Aizu snow festival
① Yanaizu Snow Festival February ○ ( ) *Undecided  Yanaizu Town
② Snow Fire Festival February ○ ( ) *Undecided  Mishima Town
③ Ouchi-juku Snow Festival February ○ ( ) *Undecided  Shimogo Town
④ Nishiaizu Snow Festival February ○ ( ) *Undecided  Nishiaizu Town
Snow festivals are held in various regions of Aizu. It is a chartered bus tour where you can experience without worrying about secondary transportation. An interpreting guide will guide you. You can also choose a limousine taxi.
■ Tadami Line + Tadami Furusato Snow Festival Tour   - Dates : February 10 (Sat) and 11 (Sun) –
・Take the Tadami Line
・Tour around the Tadami Furusato Snow Festival
The Tadami Line is one of Japan’s unexplored routes. The charm of the Tadami Line, which runs slowly along the Tadami River, is undoubtedly the spectacular scenery of the Tadami River flowing along the line and the majestic mountains interwoven throughout the four seasons. This is a tour that goes around the Tadami Furusato Snow Festival on the Tadami Line in winter, which is popular with foreign tourists.
■ Tour of “Machi-no-Eki” Tour   - Dates : February 3 (Friday) to February 12 (Monday) –
・Tour around “Aizu Machi no Eki” (Human Station)
This is a tour where you can experience the history of Aizu by visiting a sake brewery in Aizu, experiencing Aizu’s traditional craft “Akabeko” painting, and eating matcha sweets. “Machi no Eki” is a place where you can meet many people. Why don’t you make memories of Aizu by visiting “Machi no Eki”?
■ Alts Bandai Snow Play
・Play in the snow at Alts Bandai Ski Resort
Enjoy “snow” at one of Japan’s leading snow resorts, Alts Bandai. You can enjoy authentic skiing, snowboarding, and playing in the snow, along with the superb view of Mt. Bandai, the symbol of Aizu, and Lake Inawashiro. Facilities such as meal or shopping are enriched, too. Lessons can also be arranged.
■Ashinomaki Onsen Snow Play   - Dates : February 3 (Sat) to 12 (Mon) –
・Play in the snow at the snow park
Ashinomaki Onsen Snow Park has plenty of attractions such as snowmobiles. It is held for a limited time. Arrangements can also be made such as eating rice cakes in a kamakura snow dome, which has been enjoyed since ancient times in Japan’s snow country, and bathing in hot springs after playing in the snow.

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