The brewlry

Suehiro Kaeikura
The brewlry prepares delicous natural water from the earth and shumai

Founded during the the end of the Shogunate era turning into the Yoshinaga era (1850). Aizu still continues that tradition of brewing sake.
This warehouse, which is also a cafe, features an elegant front door, and the rare and high atrium, the majestic hall, truly shows the merit of Japanese architecture. The chic furniture gives off a calm feeling inside the store. The recommended sake is made with coffee and top quality sake. Also menu items such as the chiffon cake are recommended to as a side.

【TEL】0242-27-0002 【Business hours】10:00~17:00 【Regular holiday】The last day of the year,

New Year's Day 【Fee】Brewery Tour: Free Admission/Kurakissa Anzu: Daikinjo Chiffon Cake 500 yen/
Sake Jelly: 530 yen/Shikomi water cold brewed cold brewed cafe: 600 yen(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】By Bus: 2 minute walk from Akabe "Romachi (Otonamachi)" bus stop

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