Hoshiban E-rousoku (painted candles) Shop

Enjoy painting candles at a long-established Aizu Clan Shop

Our store was established in 1772, and has long been a purveyor of Aizu Clan goods. The paintings feature bright, beautiful colors; we specialize in e-rousoku (painted candles). Patterns such as chrysanthemum and mountain peonies are painted by hand; the techniques have been handed down from parent to child for generations. The store also has a studio, where you can enjoy a painting class. (*reservation required) You can create your own original work as a souvenir for your trip. It is fine to only take the production tour.

【TEL】0242-27-1873 【Business hours】9:00~19:00 【Regular holiday】No regular holidays, closed at the beginning of the New Year (New Years day and January 2nd) 【Fee】E-rousoku (painted candles) 810yen(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】Bus: Take the Aizuwakamatsu Town Bus (Haikara-san/ Akabe) to Nanokamachi Station, the a 5 minute walk
Car: About 10 minutes from the Ban-etsu Expressway, Aizuwakamatsu IC

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