handmade Aizu Soba

In Byakko, on the famous Imoriyama street is Kiriya Yumemitei

Aizu’s Homemade Gensoba powder, All made by hand. Fukushima’s original “Aizu’s Kaori”, with the chewy, crispy, and sweet flavor is also popular.
With careful instruction, even as a beginner you can also experience hitting our handmade Aizu Soba. You can also enjoy the slightly different tasting “Oraga Soba” too. Groups such as from companies and friends, school trips, outdoors schools, and such are all welcome to come and try.

【TEL】0242-27-5568 【Business hours】11:00-17:00 ※closes when the soba has run out

【Regular holiday】Every Tuesday 【Fee】Yumemi Soba (Water based Soba) 562 yen/Iito-Gongen Soba 1588 yen/

Specialty 3 dish 3 flavor soba 1750 yen and more(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】By Car: 15 minutes from Ban-etsu Expressway, Aizuwakamatsu IC
By Bus: Machinaka-shuyu Bus (Haikarasan), and get off at akabe (Ishiyama), and walk 3 minutes.

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