Eki Café

Antenna Shop (for the 17 municipalities) located inside the JR Nanuka-machi Station

Eki Café is an antenna shop opened up for the Aizu area in the Aizuwakamatsu Nanukamachi JR station. The same water that is used for delicious sake famous in Aizu is used for our drip brew coffee; you can also enjoy locally produced fruit juice. The café has become the place for information here in Aizu, and features a cafe, a local specialty goods store with products from all over Aizu, and a Tourism Information Center. Our cafe sells only products which are produce locally in Aizu. The surrounding Nanukamachi-area is sure to fit all your souvenir needs. Our local goods are sure to have that wow factor you are looking for- they also very cute! The staff is friendly- please stop by, even if you are only there to window-shop or kill time. We also serve the locals in the area, and so the cafe is the perfect place to exchange information.

【TEL】0242-39-3880 【Business hours】9:00~18:00 【Regular holiday】New Years Holidays

【Fee】Famous Drip-Brewed Coffee: 420 yen(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】Inside the JR Nanuka-machi Station

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