Curry Yaki-soba

Aizuwakamatsu's gourmet yakisoba with carry made from roux.
The cafeteria named "Tommy Food" began offering curry made with yakisoba, the cheapness and amount of food, quickly gained popularity amoung the young people. And that eventually spread to many other restaurants as well.
The base sauce's taste comes from the yakisoba and curry. Depending on where you go, stores will offer diferent toppings such as katsu, fried eggs, and also your choice of noodle thickness.

Aizu's Curry Yakisoba Party

【TEL】0242-24-8641 【Business hours】※Refer to each store for  business hours 【Regular holiday】※Refer to each store for closing days 【Fee】※Depending on the shore 【Access】※Refer to each store for access

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