Aizu Horsemeat Cuisine

Horsemeat cuisine purportedly developed in Aizu because of the many packhorses that shops and inns used to keep to carry customers and goods in the olden days when Aizu was a post station on the Echigo highway of Edo Japan. The Aizu Wakamatsu way is to eat sashimi horsemeat with kara-miso (hot soy bean paste). This practice apparently started many years ago when Rikidozan, an enormously popular professional wrestler, came to Aizu on a tour. He ordered raw horsemeat and ate it garnished with kara-miso, which he had brought with him on the tour.

Sakuranabe Yoshita

The best horse meat in Aizu

Sakuranabe Yoshita serves specialty horse dishes, as well as Aizu local cuisine.

【TEL】0242-28-5533 【Business hours】11:00-13:45(closes when the rice has run out)/

17:00-22:00 【Regular holiday】Irregular holidays (usually Sundays), New Year’s holiday

【Fee】Lunch: from 850 yen~/Raw Horse Meat : from 856 yen~/Horse Hotpot: from 1080 yen~(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】By Car: 15 minutes from the Aizuwakamatsu IC exit, to the east of City Hall
By Bus: near the Haikara-san “”Aizuwakamatsu City Hall”” bus stop

Tsuruga Honten: Aizu Sakura Nabe

The best horse meat in Aizu

The restaurant serves top quality horse meat, as well as an original hot pot with horse meat. Enjoy the local cuisine and the seasonal dishes with local sake.

【TEL】0242-29-4829 【Business hours】Lunch:11:30-14:00/Dinner: 17:00-22:00

【Regular holiday】closed irregularly

【Fee】Lunch: from 980yen/Dinner: from1,598yen /Special Menu : 8 kinds of horse meat, 2,700yen
Horse Hot Pot: 1,598yen/Raw Horse Set: 1,296yen/Chef’s Special: from 3,240yen~/Course Menu: from 5,400yen~(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】By Car: Near Aizuwakamatsu City Hall
By Bus: 5 minutes on foot from Shinmei bus stop(Aizuwakamatsu Station)

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