Aizu Sauce Katsu-don

A bowlful of rice is covered with a layer of shredded cabbage and topped with freshly fried pork cutlet flavored with a special sauce. Each restaurant has its own secret recipe for the sauce, in which the cutlet is dipped to just the right degree to retain its crispiness. The combination, together with the crunchy accent of the cabbage, results in a perfect harmony of flavors. The dish may look earthy, but its taste is heavenly!

Traditional Aizu Sauce Katsu-don Party

Since the Taisho period, the sauce's taste has become popular with the citizens of Aizu.

In Aizu, we strongly recommond that you try having our sauce with katsudon. Right when you enter Aizu’s dining halls, there is Sauce Katsu-don that you can try. Each place has a different taste and style. Why not try them all?

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