Manabeko Aizu Wakamatsu Historical Record Center

Opened on July 25, 2014

The center aims to offer a place where visitors can learn about the history, culture, and the pioneers of Aizu in a relaxed way, and be proud of their hometowns. Each section is centered around the visionaries who made history and life possible in Aizu. At the study corner, visitors can read books from the City Library, and watch DVDs on the city’s history. Meetings are also held here by a historical society, and they answer questions about the city’s history. Admission is free. 

【TEL】0242-27-2705 【Business hours】open from 9:00 to 17:00  ※last admission is at 16:30

【Regular holiday】Every Monday ※if Monday is a national holiday, closed the following day

【Fee】Free(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】2 minutes on foot from the Haikara-san/Akabe "Tsuruga-jo Sannomaruguchi" bus stop

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