Soba Noodles

A hilly terrain, hot summers followed by cold winters, and an abundance of pure, clean water: Any soba connoisseur will tell you that a place that satisfies all these conditions is sure to be a great soba place. And Aizu is just that. From ancient times, the people of Aizu have served soba at weddings and other happy occasions. They have invented a variety of ways to cook soba to suit the occasion, and this is the foundation on which Aizu’s soba culture rests.


Inside Aizuwakamatsu's station, you can enjoy Aizu's local sake, cuisine and handmade juwari soba.

There are many delicious menu items, such as Aizu’s local cuisines, sake, and handmade juwari soba.
the shops inside thestation are also very calm and relaxing.

【TEL】0242-37-7164 【Business hours】11:00~21:00(Last order:20:30)※December 31 to January 3 From 11:00~17:00(Last order:16:30) 【Regular holiday】Open throughout the year

【Access】In JR Aizu Wakamatsu Station Building

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