Shirokiya Shiryokan

Founded in year 300. Aizu Coating Store. An Exhibition Hall is also available. You also make your name and family crest.

In a western-styled storehouse, original good are exhibited and sold, from modern accessories to classic lacquerware. Established about 300 years ago, now continuing to manufacture and sell these traditional wares. Incorporating a Renaissance style in the Taisho period, and handling over 1000 kinds of wares at all times on 3 floors. Even if you do not come to shop, you can still gain from observing all of this in action while walking around town.

【TEL】0242-22-0203 【Business hours】9:00~17:30

【Regular holiday】New Year's and Wednesday of 1-March

【Access】By Bus: Machinaka Bus, Get off at Haikarasan/ Akabe (Nanukumachi Shirokiya)

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