The Aizu Shinsengumi Memorial Hall

A space where visitors can experience the atmosphere of long ago.

An old warehouse on Nanokamachi Street constructed in 1889 now serves as a Memorial Hall. The first floor is an antique shop called “”Mukashiya,”” and the second floor is the museum.
Old records of the Aizu Clan, Shinsengumi, the allied armies, and the oppositional army are all on display. There are several historic sites nearby: the grave of Hajime Saito, leader of Shinsengumi, and Shimizuya Inn, where Toshizo Hijikata stayed. The artifacts collected by the Hall’s director create a historical atmosphere. Students on school trips and other visitors can enjoy trying on a Shinsengumi “”Haori”” and taking pictures for free as well.

【TEL】0242-22-3049 【Business hours】10:00~17:00 【Regular holiday】Irregular holidays

【Fee】Adults: 300 yen (groups of 5 or more: 200 yen)

Elementary school students: 200 yen (groups of 5 or more: 150 yen)(As of March 1, 2017)

【Access】3 minutes on foot from the Haikara-san/ Akabe "Nanoka-machi Chuo" bus stop

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