Experiencing the Samurai Spirit (half day)

Aizuwakamatsu Station

4 minutes on Akabe to A5 bus stop

  1. Iimoriyama


    The final resting places for the spirits of the Byakkotai, who died in the Edo period Boshin Civil War

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    7 minutes on Akabe to A11

  2. Aizu Samurai Residences

    Aizu Samurai Residences

    The residential complex of a top-ranking Aizu retainer, and other Important Cultural Assets of Fukushima

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    13 minutes on Akabe to A27

  3. Sweets (AdoriA)

    Sweets (AdoriA)

    5 minutes on foot

  4. Tsuruga-jo castle

    Tsuruga-jo castle

    Tsurugajo castle, the city's main tourist landmark, made its comeback with the newly red-tiled tower

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    10 minutes on foot

  5. Aizu Sake Brewery Museum

    24 minutes on Akabe from A28

Aizuwakamatsu Station