Superb spas nestled along mountain streams

At Aizuwakamatsu, there are famour writers that come and visit our hotsprings resorts, where you too can relax after a long trip, being surrounded by different colors of nature depending on the season.

  1. Higashiyama Onsen

    Higashiyama Onsen is considered one of the best onsen (hot spring) villages in the region. According to legend, the Buddhist priest Gyoki (668–749) established the village more than 1,300 years more

  2. Ashinomaki Onsen

    Ashinomaki Onsen was once nicknamed “the phantom village” due to its secluded location in the Okawa River valley. The onsen (hot spring) village dates from some 1,200 years ago and is tranquil and more

  3. Aizuwakamatsu Ryokan Hotel Association

    We will present to you Hotels and Ryokan (Japanese-style hotels) in more