Incomparable dishes made possible by Aizu's climate and superlative water

One of the greatest attractions of Aizu Wakamatsu is the wide variety of uniquely local dishes that visitors can enjoy. Traditional dishes include kozuyu and horsemeat cuisine, as well as a wide array of soba dishes, the most famous of which is Takato soba. Some of the newer dishes include sauce-katsudon and wappa-meshi. And a recent favorite, which some call Aizu’s “food for the soul,” is curry-yakisoba. All are tasty dishes that will satisfy any food aficionado. They speak eloquently of the Aizu people’s dedication to perfection and unwillingness to settle for second best.

  1. Aizu Lacquerware

    The Aizu region has been a leading producer of high-quality wooden lacquerware for more than 400 years, originating with the efforts of two leading figures. Ashina Morinobu (1408–1451) promoted more

  2. Traditional Craft—Akabeko Painting

    Akabeko are small red figurines of cows or oxen. They were created as playthings and good-luck charms for children more than 400 years ago and are now a symbol of Aizu-Wakamatsu. Akabeko (lit., “ more