2017.03.15 Memorial Service for the Byakkotai

This service is held in front of the graves of the teenage members of the Byakkotai Troop. Students of Aizu High School dance the Byakkotai Sword Dance. *The service will take one hour and the dance about 20 minutes, but the duration is subject to change).
【event date】April 24th and September 24th (carried out even in light rain)
【Address】Bentenshita, Yahata, Ikki-machi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture(In front of the Byakkotai Graves Iimoriyama)
【Access】Bus: 5 minutes from the Aizuwakamatsu Toursim Bus (Haikara-san/ Akabe) Imoriyama-ka bus stop
Car: About 15 minutes from the Ban-etsu Expressway, Aizuwakamatsu IC